Airing once each month on the last Sunday of the month, RADIO 1WORLDFEST GLOBAL is a fast paced, insightful and dynamic internet radio show providing opinionated discussion and interviews on matters concerning global cultural awareness/acceptance, diversity, inclusion and tolerance.
The mandate of R1WFG is to connect to, inform and solicit feedback from a global audience that seeks to promote togetherness rather than division, unity rather than separation and a desire to co-exist peacefully while celebrating the rich diversity of socio-cultural/ethnic differences.
Simply put, the mission of R1WFG is to effect positive change and intra/inter-cultural tolerance among the citizens of the world by providing platforms which educate, inform and empower. R1WFG achieves this by being designed to reach today’s forward thinking person who believes that a better understanding of those around him/her can lead to a more peaceful global human existence. Far from being utopian in outlook and working from an organizational premise that solutions can be found if concerns and ideas can be respectfully exchanged, the show addresses current and predictable concerns from cultural apathy and intolerance to environmental issues, housing, health, nutrition, education and all the other aspects of the human condition.
Thought leaders, professionals and every day people with thoughts to share are all brought together as the 1WorldFest panel asks questions and moderates the discussions in a style that’s loose, fun, unpredictable and always exciting!

1World Radio Fest “Get Financially Lit”

Immigration feat Nala Tsaps & Dion



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