Our Story


We Say What They Can’t is a radio show that consist of the following members…

Don Morock, Pyro The Fireman, Ps Dot, Cinnamaxx & DJ Lord Jnx, with an after party show hosted by Royal T. Originally, this was a  sports show called The Locker Room, Don Morock decided to take half of the team and extend the brand. He asked Pyro & Ps Dot to join him as Co host and executive producers of the show. Looking for a female co host, the team held auditions and found Cinnamaxx who stood out amongst a group of talented women.

The show allows guest to be themselves and converse with the panel as if they were in the barbershop, hair salon or any atmosphere that allows them to be comfortable.

Who are we..

The instigator/Moderator, Brooklyn’s own Don Morock, a former Bad Boy artist/writer from the group Hoodfellaz , he’s also a music producer, Morock finds different ways to start trouble by being sarcastic with the panel & guest.

Pyro the Fireman, also from Brooklyn  had a development deal with Def Jam along with some childhood acting, he brings the sense of balance & stability to the panel with his professionalism & views. He’s a hard worker that’s also known as the “Research God”. If you’ve done anything he’ll find out about it.

 Ps Dot another Brooklyn native lets the audience know at the beginning of every show “I got a right to be hostile my people been persecuted”. As a poet,rapper and Hip Hop lifer Ps uses his words to speak the truth to power on every show.

 Cinnamaxx who’s is the definition of Bed Stuy with her bubbly personality, harsh & straight forward opinions, she puts the panel & guest on the spot with a Crazy “lovers lounge” question or 2 and one things for sure she will definitely Say What They Cant.

Royal T is a talented song writer with a warm soul & big heart, she’s the host of the WSWTC after party and handles the interviews when WSWTC host outside events.

Bronx’s own DJ Lord Jnx sets the tone for the show , with new music, obscure hits and of course the classics. He is a jack of all trades mixing more than just music.

They’ve interviewed some influential people such as DJ Red Alert, grammy award winning producer Rock Wilder, and Clark Kent, Remo The Hitmaker, Boxing champion Mark Breland, Sports Analyst Rob Parker,  NBA Allstar Steve Francis. They’ve also interviewed The cast of the Hit Web Series Money and Violence, & Respect Life just to name a few .

With a bright future ahead the sky is the limit  so get use to hearing the name..