Artist of The Week


True hip-hop has no preferred gender and rapper Kyah Baby is proof positive of that.  Repping Queens,New York, the lovely lady lyricist began creating and spitting her own skilled, distinctive brand of rhymes when she was 17 years old, picking up steam with her craft when she reached 19 or 20.

Growing up in a predominantly female household, Kyah gained an early appreciation for R&B music.  However, in and around school, she experienced and enjoyed the rap and hip-hop genre with friends and classmates. The athletically gifted young lady was a standout on the basketball court and it looked as though the WNBA might be in her future; however, watching female hip-hop music greats like Missy Elliott and the late Left Eye and Aaliyah, inspired Kyah to consider music as her career path.  She had plenty to express lyrically, having lived a life that included the struggle of living in a shelter for a time, with her mother and her sister.  Those hard times strengthened Kyah’s resolve to succeed.  She also looked to rapper Eminem, one of her favorites, for a prime example of how hip-hop storytelling can allow the artist to express his or her personal anger and frustrations through music.

She began rapping with a group of neighborhood friends, calling themselves Team Lite Werk.  In that collective, she was the lone female, along with three guys.  The group enjoyed considerable success, becoming local hip-hop fixtures, performing at a variety of shows.  Kyah was on her way, as her undeniable popularity and increased attention as an artist demonstrated to her that being a rapper was what she should definitely pursue.  She then branched off from the group, as it was a bit male-dominated in its approach.  With the input and an able assist from group member Hitz, Kyah began to do her own thing.  She created and released her first mixtape, the critically acclaimed “The Rough Draft” in 2011.  That mixtape brought Kyah to the attention of DJ’s nationwide. 

 A standout, soulful rapper, Kyah Baby has a buzz song, “Know Your Name,” that is paving the way for her next mixtape, “#SincerelyKyah.”  On this next one, Kyah says that “it’s a rebirth, and every song is better than the last one.”  She has challenged herself, dug deep into her considerable talents, and is eager to show hip hop heads why she’s a force to be reckoned with.

 Kyah released the club banger “Nothing New”. Which caught the attention of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop NY. The song & video was such a success that she was asked to perform as a special guest on the show. She showcased her talent in the Gwininfest showcase in which she did exceptionally well. This led to her being casted in the youtube series Prey Before You Eat. 

 Kyah released another classic mixtape titled “Freedom Of Speech” in which she showcased her versatile talent on various classic beats. Her 1st single BQE was a huge success,as Kyah displayed her skills on a classic Wu Tang beat. Her follow up single “Ready Or Not” quickly gained her a nod from some of the biggest heavy hitters in rap. Kyah’s latest single In The Trap” has thrusted her into national acclaim. The response has been huge. Kyah is well on her way to super stardom. Kyah has another task at heart.

 Kyah Baby would like to have a hand in the unification of the ladies in hip-hop.  Not large in number, she feels that it would be great if they showed unity within their ranks.  In the meantime, though, Kyah will stay on her hustle and progress her self-expression to the max – the sky’s the limit.  In the future, she’ll stretch out and multi-task with modeling, acting, and the like, to add to her arsenal.  A lady, yes, but don’t get it twisted – she’s one to take seriously in this hip-hop stratosphere!