Ps Dot Bio


Terence Malcolm Powell better known as Ps Dot was named appropriately after Malcolm X who is his hero even until the present day. Raised in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn Ps relates to people caught up in the street, people trying to change the condition of the struggle in the street and anyone in between. Using Hip Hop as a conduit Ps can to talk to people painting pictures so real and heartfelt they often mirror reality. As a poet and artist himself Ps has released mixtapes “Ps…I Love You”, “Truly Yours” and “Return To Sender – The Black Tape” respectively. He has also worked with artists such as Phresher, Morock formerly of Bad Boy group “Hoodfellaz”, Sauce Money, Ish and Mega of “HumUni”, DeVante Myles, Common Thred and Rahimah to name a few. Ps has performed at A Night Under The Stars Showcase at club 112 in Atlanta hosted by Jermaine Dupri, Audubon Ballroom with Social Service of Hip Hop with host Lin Que formerly of X-Clan, West 4th Street “The Cage” all-star game and the Cotton Club. Ps is also a former basketball player who played for Prospect Heights high school in Brooklyn where the team was featured in Ebony magazine and on 20/20. Also the movie “Sunset Park” was based on his high school team. Ps also has a deep love and affinity for people of color and their struggle in America and the world. You definitely can hear it come across in his music and on the show. The self proclaimed “Marvin Gaye” and “Nat Turner” of Hip Hop Ps passion is evident whenever you hear him speak.
Nowadays Ps spends the majority of his time Co – hosting “We Say What They Can’t” as well as executive producing other up and coming shows on “We Say What They Can’t Radio” . Ps uses all of his experiences from his yesterday’s to accomplish whatever tomorrow has in store. STAY TUNED…