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Is Drake better than Jay Z?



Article Written by James Joe

Is drake better than jay z?
I was born in 1977, during the birth of hip hop so I feel I’m qualified to write about this subject, so to the modern reader your probably asking yourself who does this guy think he is comparing drake to jay z the god mc?. Trust me I respect my elder statesmen in hip hop from kool herc to rakim, public enemy but I’m going to present an very good argument that musically drake may be better than jay z as an artist, it was the summer of 96 in July I hustled up some money to buy some cassette tapes (yes kids there were actual tapes)I went to the electronics and music store the wiz and I brought two albums It was written by nas and reasonable doubt by jay z and listened to both religiously but I always thought reasonable doubt could have been better at that time. The album had some hits and some really deep introspective tracks but commercially it didn’t do well the other album it was
written by nas went double platinum and reasonable doubt barely went gold at the time. Now fast forward to drake it was around 2009 when this skinny bi- racial kid from Toronto dropped the smash single “the best I ever had” now at first I’m not gonna lie, I was thinking who is this lame thinking he could pull off rapping and singing while still be established as an legit artist? This chick I know put me on to him I heard the buzz but I wasn’t a believer but when I put on them headphones and listened to the track and heard that distinctive staccato flow and impeccable cadence and in addition he can carry a tune i was like this kid got skills then I heard “so far gone”
I was totally blown away! As per jay z when I first heard him on “can I get open” I didn’t feel that way I knew he was good but nothing out of the ordinary at that time. Now I get into the nooks and crannies of my argument the consensus thoughts on ” reasonable doubt” is that it is an hip hop classic I don’t disagree but I wouldn’t totally agree either now I like to use an metaphor for rappers and athletes using the ” term” the “Jordan rules”
That pretty much is used today for all facets of sports and the jargon that represents winning so if I was to say technically that jay z’ s album “reasonable doubt” barely went gold upon its release that year and that drake’s ” thank me later” went platinum that year would you sum up to today’s standards that drake won the chip his first year and that jay z didn’t win his first? Jay z didn’t officially “arrive” until his 3rd LP “a hard knock life” drake arrived on his first LP “thank me later”.another thing is that Jay z being the lyrical genius that he is got bodied on his own tracks like “renegade ” Eminem destroyed him with lines ” you fucking do gooders to bad you couldn’t do good as parents” drake for instance murders and devours his tracks with features and never got outshined by his guest on his albums ” he bodied other mcs tracks like French Montana’s “pop that” Rick Ross ”
stay scheming” migos “Versace “. As far as battle rap people heard about the infamous dmx and Jay z battle that was featured in the movie ” backstage”but when he stepped in the hornets nest and try to pick on the great mc NAS he got “ethered” and he tried to come back with lackadaisical tracks like “super ugly” he looked like Mike Tyson after buster Douglas knocked him down as for drake the quote unquote R&b singer/rapper he demolished battle rap specialist meek mill who for those who don’t know made his career off battle rap meek tried to throw shade at drizzy and drake had to get ” charged up” and then went ” back to back” I mean this dude made a diss track a club anthem and meanwhile it took meek mill almost a month or so to drop a diss track and it was wack! I don’t even remember the name of the track that’s how meaningless it was.another example is that drake is definitely an
lyricist with lines like” you think I’m a funny guy, but I will break your Kevin hart boy!”,don’t get me wrong jay z is one of the best to ever do it, but drake is 5 albums in with the collabo album he did with future ” what time to be alive”and already sold as many albums as jay and how many wack drake songs could you name? How many subpar jay z tracks you heard? I heard plenty of them.even Jay z’s albums track record for inconsistency Is an example to parallel the two mcs , like the 2nd album was half ass I didn’t really like it”in my lifetime vol 1″ ” then he dropped the horrible “kingdom come” that double album full of filler tracks the ” blueprint 2″ and his last studio album ” magna carter” was cool but he ” retired” because he knew the end was near even Jay z fans I know knew the end was imminent. He was starting to look like old Larry Holmes looking flabby and sick, I think
drake will leave on top and ” retire” with fans wishing he never left this man is an bonafide hit maker !These 2 mcs even collaborated on a bunch of songs like “light up” and ” pound cake” and drizzy pretty much held his own against Jay with lines”you know it’s real when you are who you think you are”people might bring up the infamous ” ten bands” ghostwriter conspiracy but the fact of the matter is that most mc’s get help through out their careers so he probably got help on a couple of songs ? Nas My fav mc of all time said in an interview that one his best lines of all time was written by cormega ” I be flooded in ice so hell fire can’t scorch me” so y’all can miss me wit that stuff what I’m trying to convey in this article is that drake has just begun and jay is long retired and the young boy from Canada has the potential and clout to be crowned ” the best that ever did it”.